15 July 2010

In the center of the picture is a pass through the mountains through which flows the Vakhsh River (there's a road in the background that points toward it). The Roghun hydropower station is being built across this pass. Construction of the dam is vehemently opposed by its neighbors Uzbekistan, who believe that is will deprive them (downstream) of much needed water resources. This is about as close to the construction site as I could get - security is tight!
The city of Obigarm comfortably nestled in a valley in central Tajikistan

The turn off for Roghun hydroelectric station in central Tajikistan

It's July 14th and there is still snow in the mountains! Here is a glacier in the Pamirs.

Wide river floodplain east of Dushanbe.
There's usually at least some water in it but not this summer.
Looking east on the road to Roghun (ObiGarm, Garm) central Tajikistan

13 July 2010

Tomorrow I leave for Gharm on the map above to see the construction going on at the Roghun hydropower station - the one that is causing problems with its neighbors. The following pictures are from a trip south of Dushanbe. Tomorrow I head east. See maps at http://www2.onu.edu/~dsmith3/location_of_tajikistan.htm
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